Our team

Sven Czesla


Sven is our roaster and the creative part in the company and the one who is all mad about coffee (not just beans). Coffee is truly his passion and he could spend all day to talk to you about it.

Sabrina Czesla


Sabrina is the one in the company that looks after the not so creative but also necessary part. Being an accountant she takes over the responsibility for all the numbers and the other things that need to be considered when having your own business.


Our story

Born in Germany Sven and Sabrina grow up with coffee as the normal drink to have in the morning, which you buy already grinded regularly from the supermarket. Sven’s passion for coffee started in 2012 and was proudly supported by his own rocket machine while Sabrina didn’t drink any coffee except Starbucks mixes. Moving to Melbourne in 2014 with Sabrina opened up his view and leaving his job as a project manager for renewable energy he fully immersed himself in the Melbournian coffee scene. He worked as a Barista, visited several cuppings and did trainings where possible. But that was not enough.

In 2017 he visited Lisa and Leo’s organic farm for the first time and fell in love. Lisa and Leo started an organic coffee farm from seed in Simalungun, North Sumatra, which contributes to the local development of coffee farming and wants to establish fair profit throughout the whole coffee supply chain.

A second visit was planned quickly with Sabrina and a business idea was born. What if I open up my own coffee roasting business? Therefore a roaster was bought, the garage was rearranged and all sort of beans were roasted and sold by Sabrina within her teams at work.

The second visit in October 2017 sealed the deal. Sabrina was fascinated by Lisa and Leo’s organic farm and despite not drinking any coffee during her stay (as there was no soy milk) she loved what they were doing. The new business was not just roasting coffee but also helping people growing and harvesting the coffee.

Back in Melbourne numbers were crunched, things formalised and on the 15 November 2017 mad about beans was founded and the first Indonesian beans roasted.

Our vision

We’d love to live in a world of free coffee, happy people and peace. While we know that this vision is a bit challenging we would like to take steps into a world with a fair coffee supply chain. That means: fair margin for everyone within the chain. Everyone should be able to have a proper life with the work he/she does. And of course we’d like to bring people together. Coffee is an amazing connector, has a long history which is worth talking about and is still an element that is not fully explored yet. So let’s drink it, let’s talk about it and explore new ways of trading, dealing and consuming.