Can’t decide? Here you can compare them all

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A mix of our five different coffees

  • Huta Raja – Single Origin from Simalungun, Sumatra
    Brown label
    Tasting Notes: Complex and strong with soft tart acidity, caramel, brown sugar and chocolate, sweet malt and toasted almonds; full and slightly sirupy body with a lingering sweetness
  • Purzelbaum – Single Origin from Brasil, Parana/ Sao Paulo
    Yellow label
    Tasting Notes: Clean and balanced with medium acidity; roasted almonds and sweet honey, caramel, grapes, pear and vanilla; smooth medium body with a round mouthfeel and sweet aftertaste
  • El Bonete – Single Origin from Conguaco, Region 4 New Oriente, Guatemala
    Blue label
    Tasting Notes: Smooth, cacao with orange and citrus notes, slight sweetness with tangid acidity; round and balanced body with a lingering aftertaste
  • Don Mario – Single Origin from Conguaco, Region 4 New Oriente, Guatemala
    Red label
    Tasting Notes: Complex, red fruits and plum, sweet with citric notes, tataric citrus acidity; full and creamy body with a lingering aftertaste
  • Zeitgeist – Blend from Guatemala and Indonesia
    Brown/ blue label
    Tasting Notes: Smooth and strong, sweet with chocolate and cacao notes combined with some tangid acidity and orange notes; full and round body with a lingering aftertaste
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